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Building the future Budapest

Infinity Budapest day and night

Within the twelve-storey building, the service units – a restaurant, café and beauty salon – are located on the ground floor, a Spa, wellness and fitness centre on the first floor, an Apartment hotel on floors 2-5. The residential area is between floors 6 and 11 and above, on the roof, is the Sky Terrace with a bar area and infinity pool. The three-storey underground car park provides 99 parking places and if requested, electrical charging stations can be installed as well. Should residents wish to host a business meeting, a private or recreational event, any requests can be delivered with the highest level of service. The developers are inspired by sustainability and innovative architectural solutions to create the living space of the future.

The internal design of the building is characterised by future-proof foundations, open and green living spaces, smart space utilisation, mobile walls and multi-functional community spaces. With outstanding attention to detail, the dreamers of the project endeavour to let the social areas of the house provide an exclusive social experience and high-end quality of life by enabling owners to extend the limits of their own flats. The whole building is endowed with multifunctional and progressive solutions, and personalised services to smoothly adapt to a multitude of demands whilst simultaneously ensuring personal space and intimacy. The common areas of the building are available to residents any time, whether it be for hosting a private event, a business meeting, a family event with music, a candle-lit dinner or an entertaining cultural performance.

Pointing to the future by creating value

The building will be constructed with a view to sustainable architecture, providing extra added value. The safe and liveable life space is achieved through the application of sustainable solutions by the developers. Therefore, no surplus energy will be wasted, no toxic construction materials

will be used and, during the construction, the lowest possible pollutant and waste emission will be attempted. Infinity Budapest purposefully implements high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions by applying energy efficient equipment, recycled, green basic materials and procedures.

8500square meter
99parking place