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The general constructor and investor of Infinity is Grabarics Építőipari Kft., a construction company of 100% Hungarian ownership, with a history of more than 25 years. Since its incorporation, Grabarics Kft. has only represented quality, and it has been a dynamically developing company reacting flexibly to market trends.

With its 250 person, highly qualified, meticulously assembled workforce, it primarily carries out general construction tasks throughout Hungary. As a result of its dynamic development over previous decades, Grabarics Építőipari Kft. is considered a key market player and one of the top professional construction companies of the Hungarian construction industry. Since its incorporation in 1993, it has undertaken several hundred investments including industrial and logistics centres, public institutions, office blocks, hotels, residential buildings and commercial real estate. The references of the company more than adequately display its knowledge, ability and expertise.

The broad scope of activity of the company includes almost every important field of the profession from planning until the turnkey handover. It performs the investments with state-of-the-art technical solutions, focuses on the demands of its clients and observes the labour safety regulations, the deadlines and the budget. In 2011, by crossing the borders of Hungary, it got a foothold abroad as well. In Germany, in the vicinity of the Lake Boden - as a result of several years of deliberate steps - it undertakes structural engineering works in superior quality. Nowadays it can be stated that the company reached the German standards: its German branch receives more and more appreciation and larger and larger assignments.

In the spring of 2017, the company purchased the full capacity of the reinforced concrete pre-manufacturing plant in Heves, with the aim to ensure a reliable and predictable supply of pre-manufactured reinforced concrete structures for its construction activity, independent of shifting market relations. With this pre-manufacture of reinforced concrete elements guaranteed, the company moved to a significantly stronger market position and can now work to a higher standard, ensure deadlines and provide a wider range of services to its clients.

The standing of the company can be seen by the fact that 2019 was the sixth consecutive year Grabarics Építőipari Kft. won the prestigious Business Superbrands prize symbolising outstanding high quality, As a result of which the company became one of the most iconic brands in Hungary.

The secret of the success of Grabarics Kft. is that its policy focuses on high-level professionalism. It offers its clients high-quality services, its employees a long-term perspective, safe working conditions, professional development and secure subsistence; and its suppliers a long-term and reliable partnership.

The development of Grabarics Kft. proves that persistent and well-performed work with specific expertise can become a real success story.




Grabarics Építőipari Kft.



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