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Technical parameters

The construction is performed with a view to style and quality with special construction solutions, first-class basic materials and innovative technology.

1. Planned new construction

1.1 Site (plot) location, approach of the building
The unique residential building is situated in the City District IX of Budapest, between the alley named after Lechner Ödön, the famous Hungarian architect of the Art Nouveau era and the Danube river, right next to the Danube Medical Center, one of the best private hospitals in the country.
Car parking takes place in the three-storey underground car park under the building. The entrance of the underground car park accessed to the small-travelled Lechner Ödön alley.

1.2. The planned layout
The building has 3 basement levels and 13 floors above the surface. In the basement level, an underground car park under video surveillance is planned. On the ground floor, a restaurant and a café is planned, while on the first floor, there will be a fitness and wellness area.
On the lower storeys of the building, there will be accommodation-type units and on the higher levels, there are high-quality flats of various layout. On the floor 12, an exclusive Sky Bar service will be available with a breath-taking view to the bank of the Danube River and the inner city of Budapest.
The apartment complex comes with its own private reception located on the ground floor.
The transportation between building floors is served by four passenger elevators.

2. Building structures

2.1. Support structure
The vertical support structure of the building consists of reinforced concrete pillars and reinforced concrete stiffening walls.

2.2. Partition walls
Within the flat, plasterboard partition walls are constructed. The separating walls between the flats are plasterboard separating walls of outstanding acoustic characteristics with steel plate reinforcement or reinforced concrete walls.

2.3. Exterior walls
The exterior boundary walls of the building are typically glass surfaces with excellent thermal insulation characteristics, in some places reinforced concrete stiffening walls.

2.4. Ceilings/floors
The ceilings/floors are made of statically sized reinforced concrete plates.

2.5. Elevation cladding
Mounted facade claddings made of high quality raw materials and high quality glass surfaces. The pairing of facade claddings is particularly interesting in the modern building context.

2.6. Frontal doors and windows
The custom-made external doors and windows have aluminium structure, three-layer thermal insulated glass, sufficient air tightness and airborne sound insulation and multipoint locksmith structure. Sound absorption of windows and other openings reaches at least 34 dB acoustic insulation capacity. Door openings designed for balconies are typically sliding glass doors.

2.7. Thermal and acoustic isolation
Below the facade covering of the building, there is a fire sealing stone wool insulation of outstanding heat and sound insulation. The reinforced concrete and steel building structures are designed with a state-of-the-art, thermal bridge free extra thermal insulation. Into the layers of the floors of the building, an increased step sound insulator is installed.

2.8. Floor and wall covers
In the balconies, WPC cover is made. The internal floor and wall covers are constructed based on the function of the given room, by using the cover selected by the Buyer from the collection offered. The finishing of the partition walls and flat separating walls is generally white dispersion paint (without a selected interior design concept).

2.9. Interior doors
The front doors of the flat are qualified safety doors of WK2 anti-theft category, with five-point lock, sound absorption and fire retardant values in compliance with the requirements. The interior doors within the flat (without a selected interior design concept) are tubular chipboard doors or have reinforced cardboard insert, have CPL surface with the colour selected by the Buyer from the offered collection. The doors have aluminium handles with normal lock or toilet locks according to the function needed.

2.10. Built-in furniture
Normally no built-in furniture is included in the flat. Kitchen furniture, built-in kitchen appliances and other built-in furniture can be optionally ordered, based on the interior design concept.

3. Sanitary engineering

3.1. Water and sewage connections
Generally, the water and sewage connections are made according to the general plans. The sanitary equipment is installed according to the selection of the Buyer from the offered collection. The toilets are deep flushed and have their cistern inside the wall. According to the plans, a bath-tub or a shower is constructed in the bathroom. The connections of the dish washer and the washing machine are made according to the engineering plans. The flats have own water meters.

3.2. HVAC
The central heating and the warm water is ensured by district heating, via the central heat exchanger of the building. The central unit is located in the garage level. Every flat has an own heat meter. A programmable room thermostat is installed to regulate the temperature of the flat. Heating and cooling are ensured by regulated ceiling panels inside the flat, which may be amended by side-wall design air conditioner in some flats. In the bathroom, there is floor heating. Every flat has an own cooling energy meter. The temperature of the flat is regulated by a single programmable room thermostat.

3.3. Ventilation
For the toilet and the bathroom, artificial ventilation is ensured by fans. These fans are operated by the light switches.

3.4. Gas
No natural gas pipes are installed into the flats.

4. Building electricity

4.1. High voltage
Every flat has an own sub-meter with an electric capacity of 1 x 32 A. In the flats, electric accessories (switches, sockets) are installed, and for the lamps, only a cable connection is made. In the living room and the rooms, sockets, and TV and LAN connections are installed.

4.2. Entrance telephone
The central entrance telephone with an audio indoor device is installed into every flat.

4.3. Property surveillance
In the flats, the alarm system installation is prepared for the entrance doors for door switch or movement sensors. The installation of cables and devices can be optionally ordered.

4.4. Low voltage
In the room, a television and an internet connection are installed; for the internet, with CAT5e wiring, radial construction from the low voltage connection box of the flat. In the building, there is no central internet/television/telephone service. Upon the delivery of the building, the network of at least one service provider will be established, with an own low voltage connection box for every flat.

5. Possibility for the selection of materials:

According to the plans, the flats will be made in standard condition. The buyers have the possibility to select the contractual materials of the flat from the offered collection, under certain conditions.

Additionally, the buyers have the possibility to select from the given interior design concepts, upon extra charge. In this case, our interior designer makes plans of the design of the flat on the basis of the given concept, which includes the appearance of the finishes, wall surfaces and furniture and the plans of lighting. Based on the plans and agreements made in this way, we undertake the full construction and even the furnishing of the flat.